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3D Finishing Made Easier and More Profitable with EnSet Finishing Hand Piece

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Need to finish complex jewelry with lots of tight spaces and complex surfaces?

The need for precise tools has never been greater. 3D rendered, grown and cast jewelry is the trend of the future. Although the technology is constantly improving, it does not produce the kind of fine detail most jewelers and artists require. Cleaning up growth lines, perfecting finishes, working in ever-tighter spaces – it’s a combination of new challenges and old problems that become more difficult.

Enter the EnSet Finishing Hand Piece.

EnSet Finishing Hand Piece

Now you can apply the power and control of the EnSet to filing and finishing small, tight places. Quickly remove growth lines and finish hard to reach places without changing the shape or look of intricate jewelry. Polish the inside and outside of complex settings. In the video series above, Tira shows you how to assemble and tune the EnSet Finishing Hand Piece to achieve your desired effects

Glardon Vallorbe Ceramic Fiber Flat Files

The key is the EnSet Finishing Hand Piece’s low torque, adjustable speed and stroke length. When used with Glardon® Vallorbe mini steel or ceramic files, the hand piece can reach tough places in tight spaces. Mini files come in familiar shapes and are made from the same tool steel as Vallorbe’s classic files. Ceramic files come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be further shaped using common diamond wheels.

Together, these tools give jewelers, setters, hand engravers and other artists the ability to reach tough spots and work with complex modern pieces. In today’s hyper-competitive market, these tools can give artists an edge to distinguish their work, take less time doing it, and keep up the price points that enable them to do the things they love.

EnSet Original and EnSet Plus Compared

The EnSet Original and EnSet Plus Hand Engraving, Stone Setting and Finishing Tools are the next generation of engraving, stone setting and finishing tools. Their Single-Strike Action and foot pedal speed controls give jewelers, setters and engravers a level of precision and control that is unrivaled by other tools. When combined with the EnSet Hand [...]

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Fresh Website for Cool Tools

Bogged down with setting stones and interested in tools to help speed things up? Breaking gravers in your latest Stainless Steel project? (Try these) Trying to figure out how to polish the tight spots in your cast platinum ring? (This will help)Engraver.com is at your service!We have upgraded our website technology to make our site faster, easier to [...]

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Free Jewelry and Hand Engraving Videos

Doylestown, PA – Tira Mitchell proudly announces that Engraver.com is offering free on-line videos to help jewelers, hand engravers and diamond setters. These videos provide innovative techniques and tips for setting diamonds and precious stones, engraving with the latest tools, and using microscopy to embellish fine jewelry. Christian DeCamillis, the inventor of the EnSet Hand Engraving [...]

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Jewelry Designs for Hand Engraving Now at Engraver.Com

Jewelers and hand engravers sometimes struggle for artistic inspiration, especially when they first start out. Tira Mitchell’s Engraver.com now offers help with world class jewelry designs for hand engraving by Arnaud. “I want to help jewelers improve engraving skills by letting them focus on techniques,” explains Arnaud about his designs. Drawn and digitized by Arnaud Van [...]

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Hand Engravers Show Tools, Techniques and Fine Firearms

Wilmington, OH - Tira Mitchell from Engraver.com and Christian DeCamillis from EngraversStudio.com proudly demonstrated the EnSet Hand Engraving tool at the highly successful Ohio Gun Collectors Association (“OGCA”) meeting on July 21 and 22. Held at the Roberts Center, Tira and Chris appeared along with over a dozen other hand engraving artists many of whom [...]

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